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  • All Commodity Price Index – includes both Fuel and Non-Fuel Price Indices
  • Non-Fuel Price Index – includes Food and Beverages and Industrial Inputs Price Indices
  • Food and Beverage Price Index – includes Food and Beverage Price Indices
  • Food Price Index – includes Cereal, Vegetable Oils, Meat, Seafood, Sugar, Bananas, and Oranges Price Indices
  • Beverage Price Index – includes Coffee, Tea, and Cocoa
  • Industrial Inputs Price Index – includes Agricultural Raw Materials and Metals Price Indices
  • Agricultural Raw Materials Index – includes Timber, Cotton, Wool, Rubber, and Hides Price Indices
  • Metals Price Index – includes Copper, Aluminum, Iron Ore, Tin, Nickel, Zinc, Lead, and Uranium Price Indices
  • Fuel Energy Index – includes Crude oil (petroleum), Natural Gas, and Coal Price Indices
  • Crude Oil petroleum – simple average of three spot prices Dated Brent, West Texas Intermediate and the Dubai Fateh
  • Aluminum – 99.5% minimum purity, USD per metric ton
  • Bananas – Central American and Ecuador, USD per metric ton
  • Barley – Canadian no.1 Western Barley, USD per metric ton
  • Beef – Australian and New Zealand, US cents per pound
  • Coal – Australian thermal coal, USD per metric ton
  • Cocoa beans – International Cocoa Organization, USD per metric ton
  • Coffee Other Mild Arabicas – International Coffee Organization, US cents per pound
  • Coffee Robusta – International Coffee Organization, US cents per pound
  • Rapeseed oil – Fob Rotterdam, USD per metric ton
  • Copper – Grade A cathode, USD per metric ton
  • Cotton – Cotton Outlook 'A Index', Middling 1-3/32 inch staple, CIF Liverpool, US cents per pound
  • Fishmeal – Peru Fish meal/pellets, USD per metric ton
  • Groundnuts peanuts – 40/50 (40 to 50 count per ounce), USD per metric ton
  • Hides – Heavy native US steers, US cents per pound
  • China import Iron Ore – CFR Tianjin port, USD per metric ton
  • Lamb – Frozen carcass Smithfield London, US cents per pound
  • Lead – 99.97% pure, USD per metric ton
  • LeadSoft Logs – Average Export price from the U.S. for Douglas Fir, USD per cubic meter
  • Hard Logs – Best quality Malaysian meranti, USD per cubic meter
  • Maize corn – FOB Gulf of Mexico, USD per metric ton
  • Natural Gas - Russian Natural Gas border price in Germany – USD per Million Metric British Thermal Unit
  • Natural Gas - Indonesian Liquefied Natural Gas in Japan – USD per Million Metric British Thermal Unit
  • Natural Gas - Spot price at the Henry Hub terminal in Louisiana – USD per Million Metric British Thermal Unit
  • Nickel – Melting grade USD per metric ton
  • Crude Oil - petroleum-simple average of three spot prices – Dated Brent, West Texas Intermediate and the Dubai Fateh
  • Crude Oil - petroleum - Dated Brent light blend – Dated Brent, light blend 38 API, USD per barrel
  • Oil Dubai – Dubai Fateh 32 API, USD per barrel
  • Crude Oil petroleum - West Texas Intermediate 40 API – West Texas Intermediate 40 API, USD per barrel
  • Olive Oil – Extra virgin less than 1% free fatty acid, USD per metric ton
  • Oranges – Miscellaneous oranges, USD per metric ton
  • Palm oil – Malaysia Palm Oil Futures (first contract forward) 4-5 percent FFA, USD per metric ton
  • Swine pork – 51-52% lean Hogs, US cents per pound.
  • Poultry chicken – Ready-to-cook, whole, iced, Georgia docks, US cents per pound
  • Rice – 5 percent broken milled white rice, USD per metric ton
  • Rubber – Singapore Commodity Exchange, No. 3 Rubber Smoked Sheets, 1st contract, US cents per pound
  • Fish salmon – Farm Bred Norwegian Salmon, USD per kilogram
  • Hard Sawnwood – Dark Red Meranti, USD per cubic meter
  • Soft Sawnwood – Average export price of Douglas Fir, USD per cubic meter
  • Shrimp – Mexican origin, USD per kilogram
  • Soybean Meal – Chicago Soybean Meal Futures (first contract forward) Minimum 48 percent protein, USD per metric ton
  • Soybean Oil – Chicago Soybean Oil Futures (first contract forward) exchange approved grades, USD per metric ton
  • Soybeans – Chicago Soybean futures contract (first contract forward) No. 2 yellow and par, USD per metric ton
  • Sugar European import price – CIF Europe, US cents per pound
  • Sugar Free Market – Coffee Sugar and Cocoa Exchange (CSCE) contract no.11 nearest future position, US cents per pound
  • Sugar US import price – contract no.14 nearest futures position, US cents per pound (Footnote: No. 14 revised to No. 16)
  • Sunflower oil – US export price from Gulf of Mexico, USD per metric ton
  • Tea – Mombasa, Kenya, Auction Price, US cents per kilogram
  • Tin – Standard grade, USD per metric ton
  • Uranium – NUEXCO restriced price, USD per pound
  • Wheat – No.1 Hard Red Winter ordinary protein Kansas City, USD per metric ton
  • Wool coarse – 23 micron, US cents per kilogram
  • Wool fine – 19 micron, US cents per kilogram
  • Zinc – High grade 98% pure, USD per metric ton

Commodity prices

Time series of major commodity prices and indices including iron, cooper, wheat, gold, oil. Data comes from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

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Dataset contains Monthly prices for 53 commodities and 10 indexes, starting from 1980 to 2016, Last updated on march 17, 2016. The reference year for indexes are 2005 (meaning the value of indexes are 100 and all other values are relative to that year).


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